They Are Getting Back Together

To connect with Relationship Texts, sign up for Facebook today.I sent my friend an email the other day. The only thing it said in the body was, ‘how to get your ex back’. The two of them have been together for several years, but they had the fight of the century a few weeks ago. They both walked away from their relationship disgusted, but I knew they would end up getting back together. He wanted to accept a job promotion that would take them 900 miles away, but she didn’t want to leave without getting married first. Weddings are supposed to be happy occasions, but he felt like he was being boxed in.

When she told him that, they both said a lot of things in the heat of the moment. I know that neither one of them meant the majority of what they said. I only knew this because I see both of them on a regular basis, and they both looked miserable. I could tell that he was regretting his hurtful words, but he didn’t know how to approach her after being so hateful.

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