Started Playing Around with This Girl

I guess this is the sort of thing you get when you go messing around with girls who you find from random Kik usernames. I was just messing around with this girl for no real reason. She was flirting with me and it seemed as though I should return the attention, but I did not realize that I was dealing with the sort of girl who would stalk you. Obviously I did not tell her where I lived, but she has figured out my phone number some how. I would guess that you can probably do that if you are good with computers and some one is using their cell phone to send you texts over an app like Kik. That is a cross platform messaging app by the way. It is like a lot of things you use, except that the messages are private and therefore you can be a lot more personal if you want to be.

I am going to have to ditch the phone number that I am using right now, which is obviously something that I do not want to do. It is a difficult task to try to keep it, because this girl obviously understands how to use technology. So she could be calling me from any number and it is not a big deal for her to ring me up using a computer or some random phone. So any call I get from a strange number has to be assumed to be her, but then I have business coming in. I thought about getting some sort of restraining order, but it seems like the judge would probably tell you to go waste some other guy’s time. I guess that they might be able to order her not to bother you, but what can they do if she does?

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