Proper Investment in Fiction and Reality

As part of a class at college, I had to look at UK shares to buy and decide which ones would be the best to get profit. All of the students could choose from any shares that were available for purchase on the market, but once they made a fictional investment, they had to stick with it. I wanted to take the assignment a little bit further, so I invested some of my own money into some of the shares. I chose shares for copper, because I looked at the data from the markets, and it showed that copper shares would be a good choice to start.

There was one rule to the assignment that all students had to follow. We weren’t allowed to tell anyone else what our investment choices were, including the professor. Keeping this all a secret was a bit of a challenge, because I wanted to tell everyone how well I was doing on the market, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t even drop any kinds of hints. Our professor was very strict about this rule because he wanted our decisions to be independent of each other. He told us that if anyone broke the rule, they would be dropped a full letter grade in the class.

At the end of the assignment, we had to present all of our information before the class. I was selected to go first for the presentation, and I showed that I was able to get a good amount of profit from my investment in copper. I then told the class that I actually invested some real money as well, and they were shocked, especially given how money money I had made. None of the other students were able to make as much as I did. Some made good decisions and made profit, but not as much as me. Others made bad decisions and were hit with a loss.

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