Landing in the Retail Space

Just like any person who has hair, I’ve been shaving for a long time. In the many years that I’ve been shaving, I’ve grown to hate it because of how expensive the razor blades tend to be. I thought it would be a great idea to make a company that could sell both razors and razor blades to people at an affordable price. I started the company and started distributing products through a website. I wanted to get the products in retail stores as well, so I went to Continuous Business Planning for a plan that would help me reach that market.

I knew that there were a lot of other companies on the market to compete with when it came to razors. There have been companies that have existed for over 40 years, and even though people complain about their prices, they continue to buy their products because they feel that they don’t have much of a choice when it comes to razors. I wanted to break that stranglehold that theses companies had by showing the consumers that there is always a better alternative. The planning company came up with a grade A plan for success that would give my company quite an edge.

As soon as my products began to hit store shelves, people noticed how much lower priced they were compared to the major competitors and began to try them. Word of mouth goes a long way in the retail space, and the good feedback that my products were getting was spreading all over. For now things are going well, but I don’t expect the other companies to just sit idly by while I take some of the market from them. I think they’re going to make a counter measure to get their customers back, either with lower prices, or some kind of discount.

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