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A Holiday Made for Friends

I was looking forward to the hiking holidays in Spain that a few friends and I had planned. We had never all been on holiday together, and we decided that this was something that would be fun for all of us. In total, there were seven of us, and we knew that we would have a blast where we could be outdoors and learning about the part of Spain where we were staying. The hosts and tour guides were so gracious, and we had a blast. We had so many questions for them, and they were able to answer every single one of them on the spot.

Having people who are knowledgable about the area really made the difference for us. Continue reading

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The Perfect One Bedroom Apartment

When I looked at St Petersburg FL apartments for rent, I liked everything about the Modera Prime 235 apartments from the start. Some of the complexes that I looked at had very few choices as far as room layouts are concerned. One of them even had the exact same layout for every single apartment. While that shouldn’t matter to most people, I like choices. I wanted to look at different layouts and choose the apartment that I wanted rather than settling for the one that is available to me.

I only needed a one bedroom unit, and I had eight different choices for floor plans. Continue reading

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