Combining What the Customers Want

Due to the popular demand of two most famous potato chips, the potato chip company that I work for is coming up with a new flavor. This flavor will be a combination of these flavors and sold in an entirely new packaging. We used a data strategy to figure out which of the flavors under our umbrella were the best selling and how to create an even higher revenue stream from those flavors. Before sending them to market, the company first decided that the flavors had to be compatible from a taste standpoint. If the flavors didn’t taste well together, then no one would buy them.

The food scientists at our company worked hard to come up with just the right flavor mix for the combination of these two chips. They tested them again and again amongst themselves, and with other people until they had it just right. I’ve had the chance to taste the flavor myself, and it is perfect. It’s exactly like eating the two separate flavors at the same time. Not one flavor takes priority over the other one, so when someone bites into them, they get to experience both and enjoy them the right way.

The strategy for bringing these new chips to market also involves coming up with a new ad that will be shown all over the country. This ad had to be something that would show that the chip isn’t just the same old chip that people have been used to having for some time. I’m glad that I don’t have to work in the ad department, because I think their job is a lot harder than mine. They have to really come up with some good ideas that will grab the general public and make them not want to look away from their screens.

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