Best Sources for Up-to-date Ukraine News

It is really interesting how the whole situation in Ukraine has developed and reached its current manifestation. It all started with protests to throw out a corrupt president, and now the country is split in half. It is really unfortunate that so much conflict has happened in the country. I try to keep up with Ukraine news to learn the latest, I know that the ease a cease-fire. But that didn’t last very long. Actually, I am pretty sure that there have been a few cease-fires. I do not know how many of them have been observed though, and that is kind of upsetting.

I feel like both of the sides should work towards peace, but that does not seem to be an option. I saw an article earlier that said that the Ukraine bank wants to get compensation from Russia for the Crimean peninsula. I don’t know if Russia would be willing to pay anything for it, and they would probably try to say that Crimea left Ukraine all on its own. But that is clearly not the case, because there was some definite involvement by Russian forces, as far as I can tell. But it is another issue as to whether the people that live there wanted to break off from the rest of the country, and honestly I could not say one way or another.

But anyway, if Russia paid the country for Crimea, I wonder if that would end the hostilities. I really doubt it would end all of the fighting, but I guess you never know. I just saw that there are battalions of Islamic fighters arriving to help fight the separatist forces, and help the Ukrainian forces. That is kind of a weird development, but it does make sense in some ways, but I don’t know.

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