A Profound Luxury Within a Choice

As a consumer there are few things that a company or a market can do for me other than offer me the right to choose. Options are what help sustain a thriving market while improving the very health of the industry. It becomes apparent how quickly any single industry is able to stagnate without the presence of competition if we’re able to use the ISP industry as any reliable metric. I’ve been in Texas for three enjoyable months now. I’ve come to appreciate a lot about this state. Still, one of the best features I found was http://choosetexaspower.org – a collection of energy providers here in the Lone Star.

This is my first experience with a state that has an energy infrastructure developed and competitive enough to provide multiple choices. In Kentucky, where I’m originally from, there was only one option for the people in Louisville: LG&E. With only a single provider in the city to service the needs of every resident, it meant that each family would find themselves beholden to the whims and the demands of the electric company. If they wanted to raise the price, they did and with no competition to place any pressure on them.

This could become a problematic situation for many. Money is not the most abundant resource in the Bluegrass and for struggling families living in rural areas of the city a $20 price hike during the Winter can be the difference between having a warm home or a frigid one. Without being able to switch to a competitor, LG&E has absolute reign in the entire Commonwealth. It’s nothing short of a luxury to have such a different situation in Texas. I admittedly felt flustered at having the choices presented to me but I quickly found myself comparing prices before finally settling on the provider I wanted. What an amazing thing.

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