A Holiday Made for Friends

I was looking forward to the hiking holidays in Spain that a few friends and I had planned. We had never all been on holiday together, and we decided that this was something that would be fun for all of us. In total, there were seven of us, and we knew that we would have a blast where we could be outdoors and learning about the part of Spain where we were staying. The hosts and tour guides were so gracious, and we had a blast. We had so many questions for them, and they were able to answer every single one of them on the spot.

Having people who are knowledgable about the area really made the difference for us. Everywhere we went was already so beautiful and captivating, but their stories and history lessons on the areas really made everything come alive. We had a break in the middle of the holiday where we could just skip a day of walking if we wanted to. We all chose to go to the beach and just spent the entire day there, and it was such amazing fun for all of us.

One of the things that made this such a special trip is that we were all staying in the same townhouse, and we shared everything there. While we each had our own room and bath areas, we ate all our meals together and socialized on the terraces. The food that we ate was made right there for us, and it was so delicious. I honestly could have stayed there for another week or so just for the food alone! We had such a blast that we all decided that we are going to do this at least one more time and try the harder walking trails when we do. I cannot wait!

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